Flyers Pens Tonight, Vent or Boast Here!

No Coburn tonight. That means Parent and Modry. Flyers will have their work cut out for them.

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15 Responses to Flyers Pens Tonight, Vent or Boast Here!

  1. Jon B says:

    Prediction: Modry will be one the ice for more than 1 goal against. The guys stinks. Would rather have a young Phantom D man.

  2. trivia says:

    i don’t know, but maybe arty or a-train does.
    what team played the fewest amount of games to win a cup?

  3. fiyah says:

    sorry dean, your boys are losing to the wings in 6

  4. Dr. Bumba says:

    I have the Wings in 5. The Pens are better than the Flyers, no doubt, but they will run into a red machine in the finals.

  5. Thirsty Goalie says:

    I guess Stevens was on to something when he wasn’t playing Downie.

  6. bake says:

    how dare you talk about Steve “the big game hunter” Downie like that.

  7. Jon B says:

    Downie is not a 4th line player and his first mistake was trying to make a scoring line type pass (high risk). 4th liners have to play simple and low risk. Everyone will see how good he is next year. Along with Giroux.
    Umberger and possibly one of Upshall or Lupol will most likely be dealt for picks (to free up $ to sign a D-man) or a d-man. The flyers are set at forward for a long time. Need to shore up the D. Cap room is a bit of an issue.

  8. bobblehead joe says:

    with nobody scoring, i was hoping that stevens would bring back the downie, richards, hartnel line that worked really well back in january.
    the two mistakes that downie’s made are more of a result of him not playing enough. how do you bench a guy who needs to develop for the last 11 games of the regular season and then bring him back in the playoffs expecting him to be an “impact player?” what opportunity does downie have to make an impact when he’s on a line with jim dowd?
    seems like downie’s getting mixed messages from john stevens. but he’s learning too.
    chalk one up for experience!

  9. bake says:

    Chalk 2 up to experience is more like it.

  10. RR says:

    … and he got away with another.

  11. Lou says:

    VENGEANCE was then…….

  12. get real says:

    Let’s recap the Pens goals shall we..
    two goals off fleyrs d men two on empty nets and how many on the power play? They will get crushed by the wings as would the flyers but the Pens aren’t as good as the press makes them out to be. Malkin has been a non factor since the flyers started hitting him expect the same from Detroit.

  13. dk says:

    no apologies needed, i think the wings are awesome. they are deeper than the pens on d and in goal. i’m not sure, though, that any opponent has challenged the penguins enough to know what they can really do. same could said for denny’s boys, too.
    i’d like to see a series go at least six games just for the entertainment value.

  14. fiyah says:

    anybody doin anthing for the game tonight? i like beer.

  15. what a fag says:

    Is Crosby trying to do a Freddie Mercury impression with that mustache? He looks like more of a fag than he already is.

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