Sunday Hockey Reminder

Sunday hockey at 10:30. $20 bucks includes hockey sodas.
Jonesy will be there!!!!

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14 Responses to Sunday Hockey Reminder

  1. Gay for Jones says:

    I am in.

  2. RR says:

    anyone know how the wintersport league ended up?

  3. Art says:

    Bandits in two. One of them Zebras reffed at Wis last night. Said they got “crushed.”
    Four years, four different champs at Winterpit. Penguins, you’re up next.

  4. banned from WSL says:

    Hey Jones, want to go to the Flyers / Penguins game instead?

  5. What Would Jonesy Do (WWJD) says:


  6. KevMc says:

    Anyone else going to the Flyers/Penguins Sunday?

  7. cooking for jonesy /DG says:

    sunday hockey cookout this week.

  8. RR says:

    me and Bake will be there

  9. Kierstan says:

    Pens v. Floozers. Could make both though, it would make for an interesting 5th.

  10. Sidney Crosby says:

    Come watch the league fellate me.

  11. Kerry Fraser says:

    I don’t mwah, slurp, gag, slup, shlimph, gurp, gulp blow Crosby.

  12. Jon B says:

    Also Thursdays at 8:45pm.

  13. wait, ;) says:

    will Jones be at Thursdays too?

  14. jealous says:

    nobody fellates more than jim jackson. btw, why do you think he has a mustachio?

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