Flyers Vs. Caps, Game 6

No Knuble. Expect Riley Cote to be in the lineup in his place. Can the Flyers continue to bottle up Ovechkin? Will Alex curse at the Flyers fans again? Will there be a game 7 tomorrow night?

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  1. Jon B says:

    riley Cote has no business being in the playoffs. He is fine during the regular season but offers nothing in the playoffs. He cant even hit anyone because he can’t catch them.
    Downie should be playing (he is a playoff / big game stud). Hockey DB his ass! Instead, Genius Stevens has Thoreson wasting everyones time on the second line with Richards.
    Anyone else think that Richards has been invisable at even strength this series? Well it has a lot to due with Lupol still recovering from injury and Thoreson on his other wing. Remember Richards -Downie -Hartnell from January?
    Good call to bench Penalty kill specialist Modry though. I guess Stevens had enough of Modry watching passes go through the low slot for slam dunks. By the way, did anyone know that the Caps first 12 goals in the series were scored with Modry on the ice (11 of them Smith was also on the ice). Thats incredible! They both stink.

  2. Thor says:

    And Downie gives them some flexibility on the power play too. He could step into Knuble’s role.
    And you have a 5 on 3 and don’t get Carter on the ice? He was the only one not choking his stick in the third.

  3. fiyah says:

    i agree hoagie, dress downie and parent. What the hell do you have to lose? This team is built for the next 5 years, not now. Parent and Downie should get the experience. Hatcher has played awesome. If he retires, it’s cool he’s going out like this. I thought he was done after that broken foot.

  4. Dr. Bumba says:

    I agree, dress Downie. Unfortunately, if Downie dresses, he will be a marked man and will have two or three penalties. Anytime he goes near a Capital and it is borderline, it will be called.

  5. Thor says:

    All Downie will do is get the crappy penalties that they call on Upshall. It’s a wash at the end.
    And with a game 7, maybe they’ll even get a couple of decent refs for the game. Too bad Bruce is busy.

  6. Thor says:

    Damn, I gotta stop drinking at lunch. I just referred to Bruce as a good ref.

  7. Bettman says:

    Devorksi and Koharski are the refs tonight, the game is over before it started.

  8. Dr. Bumba says:

    C’mon Art,
    That was not a dive by Federov on Upshall’s tripping call but it was obviously an embellishment when Upshall got puched in the face by a Cap and then tackled to the ice by Ovechkin.
    Face it, this series is too close to getting Ovechkin a date with Cindy. I agree with Bettman (post above not the cumstain running this league), the game is over before it started.

  9. Jon B says:

    People really underestimate Steve Downie. He is / will be a really good player. Maybe not allstar but a consistent 50-70 point guy. He is known for his “big game” performances. Just ask any Canadian.
    What is so stupid about him not playing is that he will be a full time flyer next season and he will play on one of the top three lines. He has no NHL playoff experience but neither does Thoreson, who he is exponentially better then (Thoreson didn’t even get drafted). Also, Stevens like to say things like Downie doesn’t kill penalties etc. well he does, and he is good at it. He is widely considered a complete hockey player who is just as good offensively as defensively.
    Also, the Flyers lose Knuble, their best player down low in the offensive zone. Well, guess who is their second best down low player? DOWNIE! Like Knuble, Downie rarely loses a puck when in the corners. Some guys are just good at it. Who better to step in for Knuble (the slowest Flyer Forward)? you guessed it, Downie (the second slowest Flyer Forward). Little adjustment for Carter and Upshall and less disruption to the other two scoring lines = more continuity and scoring punch throughout the lineup.
    Or you could just put Cote in to stare down Brashier and hit some glass really hard.

  10. Jon B says:

    Lots of dives in this series. Very Gay. Ovechkin is every bit as gay as Crosby. But he is the pitcher and crosby is the catcher. Aren’t they supposed to suspend/ fine for dives?

  11. KevMc says:

    ridiculous that Cote was playing. I’d like to see Downie as well.

  12. bobblehead joe says:

    jon, your analysis on the cote/downie/thorosen situation is spot on. i was furious when i saw cote got the start. you have to know he’s only good for about 5 mins/game even in the regular season.
    there is absolutely no excuse for not playing downie. check out these numbers:
    thoresen: 21gp, 0g, 5a, -6
    downie: 32gp, 6g, 6a, +2
    WTF John Stevens??????????

  13. bake says:

    Downie 73 PIM
    Thoresen 14 PIM
    that’s why.

  14. bobblehead joe says:

    35 of those pim were from fights and a game misconduct. those don’t really hurt your team, especially when you’re getting the crowd pumped up or fighting someone that’s better than you.
    so he got 19 minors in 32 games. don’t bench a man for playing hockey. he’s a plus player and has actually scored a goal for the team, unlike some people.
    again, WTF John Stevens????????????????

  15. Dr. Bumba says:

    Stevens is not the problem, if you can’t motivate yourself to close out a team in Game 6 in your barn you should not be in the league. The Capitals outworked the Flyers in every aspect of the game through the final two periods.
    Did Stevens not backcheck on the first goal, did Stevens leave the Capital alone on the second goal, did Stevens get split on the third goal. The answer is no and it is time for these heartless athletes to be held accountable.

  16. Thirsty Goalie says:

    Well, I’m Flyered up!

  17. KevMc says:

    yikes Bumba!

  18. Dr. Bumba says:

    Sorry, I get tired of everyone always blaming the coach and never the player. Let’s Go Flyers.

  19. Jon B says:

    So, on average Downie is a 187 PIM player over 82 games. A bit more than Hartnell. Less than Cote who he is scratched in favor of. What has happened to the NHL where a guy who has less than 200 pims is considered too “out of control” to play in the playoffs?
    Jim Dowd takes tons of minors but he still plays. I like Dowd and Thoreson but not on Mike Richards line and not in the place of the #3 Flyers Prospect and sure-fire 2008-2009 Flyer Steve Downie who is a proven playoff and big game monster!

  20. Jon B says:

    Steve Downie Playoffs for Kitchener (OHL)
    2007 Playoffs
    9-games 8-Goals 14-Assists 22-Points (Led League) ONLY 15PIM
    Only 15 PIMS in 9 games. He knows what the playoffs are about and he channels his emotions into on-ice dominance.
    Agree it is up to the players to play, but the Flyers have a player who always gives it all all the time sitting in the press box in favor of Cote. The biggest heart is in the press box.
    I actually have little problems with Stevens aside form his ice time allotment and his scratches. I think he sends some mixed messages to some young players who don’t know how to handle them. It is a fine line with professionals between the Coach and players to blame. In general I tend to blame the players more, but when the Flyers are a more solidly built team, with more overall talent, and they may still lose after being up 3-1, you have to blame the coach.

  21. Jon B says:

    The Bakers are also heartless. We give up the first goal every game and have been scored on in the final 30 seconds three times in 5 games.

  22. Jon B says:

    My prediction for tonight:
    Flyers 4, Caps 3 -OT (Revenge for Dale Hunter)
    Capitals 6, Flyers 2 -Over by mid second period

  23. Thirsty Goalie says:

    4-0 Flyers. It pains me to say it but the Flyers are a better team and they will come out focused for Game 7.

  24. fiyah says:

    i like thirsty’s energy….hey Tgoalie, do you want to drink and watch the game somewhere?

  25. Jon B says:

    Evidently, Downie is playing. Everyone can thank me for personally convincing John Stevens with my comments.
    What a smart coach.

  26. Thor says:

    come to the rink. It’ll be worth it for Bobblehead Joe and Hoague’s corner. Ooh, I smell video feature.

  27. DG says:

    ok now, back to work jon.

  28. waytomuchtimeatwork says:

    I can’t believe you guys get paid to post these comments

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