Rams Win 8-2; Look to Playoffs Sunday

Rams finished the regular season Tuesday with lots to write home about … Lots of goals, lots of helpers, lots of fun. It was 3-0 rams by the end of the first and Kevin held the door shut through the second, allowing the short bench to get by. Conts scored early in the third, but then the gates opened. Congrats to RR who takes the scoring title for the regular season and who had the best goal of the nigh — a bouncer off the glass. PIM leader was – well- PIM leader. Final stats will be up soon.
Looking ahead, playoffs are Sunday. Looks like we’ll face the Zebras, 2:50 pm.

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6 Responses to Rams Win 8-2; Look to Playoffs Sunday

  1. impressive says:

    cap’n DK had a smooth hat-trick … well done!

  2. fist pumper says:

    i shoulda mentioned dave k from murphy’s caught the eye of the big league scouts with his goals and about 100 blocked shots.

  3. dk says:

    also looks like the iron man award goes to kratzer, with 20 games played.

  4. RR says:

    Dean cuts hair, doubles his season goal output. Wonderful.

  5. bake says:

    Who won the Pens/Zeebs game?

  6. Not a pen says:

    9-3 Zebras

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