WSL Jerseys Debut

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9 Responses to WSL Jerseys Debut

  1. golin says:

    what r the new team names????

  2. RR says:

    the “RR’s”

  3. 8 / 10 says:

    Oreland 14ers
    Wissahickon Warriors
    Flourtown Flyers
    Wyndmoor Ducks
    Mt.Airy Ice Chucks
    Phla. Quakers
    Conshohocken Bakers
    Mt. Airy Wetas
    Chestnut Hill Chiefs
    Kensington Alers

  4. youknowwhothefuckthisis! says:

    Wyndmoor Wood Ducks….more than a duck….We’ve got wood!

  5. bake says:

    If there are only 8 teams, which 2 get the boot?

  6. the commish says:

    there will be a vote at the draft

  7. golin says:

    i want to be an aler since that name was my idea 2 seasons ago…..can i be captain and the berkerys as assistants????

  8. Anonymous says:

    Let me know if anyone can make the draft. We are looking for 8-10 people not 20 so you know…….

  9. Jon B says:

    the previous post was me. the post attributed to the “commish” was not me but I agree with it and so it will be.

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