Pecks Pond 2008 Photos

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  1. Thirsty Goalie says:


  2. bert says:

    Great pics!! Between Booty kissing the bar and multiple shots of Kevin on the ice I don’t know which is funnier. Nice work!

  3. RR says:

    the second to last picture, Kevin with the helmet on, sums it all up.

  4. Kierstan says:

    Too bad we missed the act of Thor falling/throwing his stick 20ft in the air. Kevin spent a lot of time on the ice last weekend. He must’ve been tired after all of that ice time.

  5. didn't go says:

    Looks like too much fun.
    Booty can’t hang. But I heard he can piss.
    Did Jone’s even bring a stick?
    Who brought Miller Light!?!?
    Amos….Wild called…they still don’t want you…chill out.
    Bender looks a little too natural wearing a helmet indoors.
    Cool nets.
    Great jerseys.
    Would have loved a long “dump” session with the vintage Playboys.
    I hate life.

  6. Thor says:

    Special shout out to Golin who took most of those photos. Hell of a camera.

  7. fiyah says:

    look for a youtuber in the not too distant future. The “benduh” wipeout is priceless.
    Nez brought the Miller Lite….but he also brought the Blackhouse.

  8. KevMc says:

    Looks awesome.

  9. Goat says:

    It feels like it was months ago.
    Lets do it again.

  10. Leading the Division says:

    Art, you’re not even trying with these poll questions anymore.

  11. golin says:

    cant wait for the video bern……should be good!!!

  12. jelly belly says:

    can am what?

  13. Thirsty Goalie says:

    It was slippery!

  14. 30/pc says:

    corky’s my pal.

  15. Dr. Bumba says:

    Just got back from NY and Union Jacks, great pictures and a hell of a weekend boys. What weekend are we coming up and going fishing Bert? Also, I had a stick for two games, unfortunately, I did not have my double blades on for those games. Art made me drink too many screw drivers that morning after Marvin Gaye sung Art, Gunning, and myself to sleep. Thanks again Bert.

  16. florida bert says:

    Fishing weekend when Nicole & I get back from florida in 2 weeks. It’s hot down here! No ice but plenty of beer.

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