Forsberg’s Back

Forsberg returns to NHL with Avalanche

The Colorado Avalanche have won the Peter Forsberg sweepstakes, signing the centre to return to the team for the rest of the season.

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5 Responses to Forsberg’s Back

  1. Thor says:

    Foppa is Swedish for douche.

  2. dk says:

    foppa bags, he wasn’t coming here once gagne went down. also, i thought he wasn’t coming back b/c of his right foot.

  3. Kierstan says:

    That’s the wrong movie. You’re thinking of “My Left Foot” featuring Daniel Day-Lewis as Christy Brown, who was born with cerebral palsy. He learned to paint and write with his only controllable limb – his left foot.

  4. ZDALDO says:

    Z… no like F.. go to C..!

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