Who’s In, Who’s Out

1st place Continentals this Saturday, 10:30pm.

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21 Responses to Who’s In, Who’s Out

  1. Kierstan says:

    Already said I was bringing the syrup. What more do you want? Sausage… there’ll be plenty of that already.

  2. RR says:

    In with the Mich

  3. Thirsty Goalie says:


  4. #7 says:

    in – what no pictures?

  5. thegoatsbro says:


  6. dk says:

    in. (for now). wife had a bad cold and a load of contractions. thought the bambino was coming this week. cold’s gone and contractions, too.

  7. Thor says:

    Need depth? Someone to distract the refs from whatever Colin is doing? Good beer? I’m your man.

  8. PIM Leader says:

    Out, will be in Vegas for work and some debauchery. Enter Thor. Good luck

  9. p. holmgren says:

    art, you’re in.

  10. dk says:

    did keirstan pull beer last week? if so, everybody is up to date.
    we’ll have to start on 2nd time around.
    art, can you make a random list?

  11. Kierstan says:

    Beer was pulled!

  12. dk says:

    any beer volunteers?

  13. Thor says:

    Thor have beer.

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