Syrup/Depth needed.

Rams lose to Zebras 4-1. K-Do kept the shortstack Rams bench in the game with about 5 minutes to go but the PP fell short after failing to tie it up on a Colin drawn roughing call. Next game: This Saturday at 10:30pm for second place.
Who’s bringing the syrup to slow down the low riding Continentals?

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29 Responses to Syrup/Depth needed.

  1. RR says:

    Had to read that a bunch of times, “Colin Drawn”, thought it was a misprint.

  2. Kierstan says:

    If you change the entree from pancakes to non-belgian style waffles, I’ll bring the syrup, though it will actually be a belgian beer reduction.

  3. Thor says:

    Damned! Red Rocket, the king of Miller Lite breaks out Orval? Dammmmmmmnnnnnnnn! I’m impressed.

  4. dk says:

    he just discovered monk’s.

  5. RR says:

    Yeah, but always been a fan of trapiste. Still believe that beer is beer, and meant for chugging, not sipping, hence the Miller Lite.

  6. Kierstan says:

    You just defeated your own argument. Miller Lite is not beer… You like Miller Chill? I hear it’s quite refreshing. Sip Sip (with my pinky in the air).

  7. fiyah says:

    i’m with RR on this one…i don’t mind miller lite in a can/bottle when it’s ‘forget about tommorrow drink a million beers time.’ Coors Light however is just horrendous.

  8. Goot says:

    If your going to chug at least chug blue ribbon or something that will grow hair and not a vagina.

  9. Kierstan says:

    Ok, Ok… Miller High Life is my pinky down beer. I drink it, but only because there is a woman on the label who is sitting on the moon. I’ve always wanted to go the moon (not the one in PA).

  10. RR says:

    First off, paying more than $5 for a beer is bit absurd in my opinion, so Mr. Kierstan, if your pounding $12 bottles of Boon Geuze, I hope you’re a millionaire who can withstand the most severe of hangovers.
    Secondly, with my current ban on Canadian products (sorry A-train), I believe Michelob Lager to be the best drinking beer on the market right now. This test is based on ease of consuming 10 bottles / hour.

  11. Jenks says:

    When is the next forget-about-tomorrow-and-drink-a-million-beers time?….Is it today? Can I sign up to be notified via text/e-mail of the date?

  12. JON B says:

    Michelob is indeed the best cheap mega-brew beer (not counting the canadian ones). But the bottle is so damn gay. I’ve heard that michelob was bud’s attempt to make a more refined “european” style lager. Better than budweiser as well as high life in my opinion. I drink a lot of miller lite myself but I hate myself for it. I would be 220 lbs and piss poor if I drank what I want to drink.

  13. RR says:

    Stella has good chugging qualities as well, just a little to pricy for the purpose.
    Anyone have other good American chugging beer recommendations?

  14. Frank Booth says:

    What’s wrong with Pabst Blue Ribbon?

  15. Thor says:

    Stella always smells/tastes skunked to me.
    I know this is even embarrassing to say but for a mass-produced chuggable Bud Select works for me. A little more taste than bud light but still poundable.
    Oh and what does Coors Light and having sex in a canoe have in common?

  16. Rob says:

    Ice time tonight at Simon’s. 8:00-9:30. Price depends on how many guys show up. I don’t know how the ice will be tonight but that slot will there every Tuesday.

  17. Jenks says:

    It will make great diving conditions for Blackwood

  18. Jon B says:

    I always enjoyed Rolling Rock.
    My Dad heads to the mountains of bush.
    That doesn’t sound right at all? I quit.

  19. dk says:

    foster’s, mate. oil can’s are always good for getting lubed. i mean looped.

  20. anti-miller lite says:

    slyfox helles golden lager carter……

  21. Thor says:

    If they canned that Helles it would be the bomb. Sly Fox Dunkel Lager is in cans now and it’s pretty delicious. Might be a bit dark for slamming. But I’m willing to try.

  22. fiyah says:

    screw wing bowl, we should have beer bowl!

  23. dk says:

    hmmm, bowls of beer.

  24. Thor says:

    And of course beer-ettes.

  25. RR says:

    Saturday night should be new beer trials after the game. I’m bringing a 6er Michelob if it lasts that long in my house.

  26. RR says:

    1. thor,. are you ever going to finish your joke? I’ve been waiting for days!
    2. Gayer Bottle: Michelob or Miller High Life?

  27. Thor says:

    What does Coors Light and having sex in a canoe have in common?
    They’re both f*cking close to water.

  28. RR says:

    Wonderful!!! Well worth the 3 day wait.

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