Looking for something to do Wednesday night that involves a lot of meat? Don’t turn to Colin’s porn collection, come celebrate Leo’s 63rd* birthday at Fogo de Chao. We’re looking to eat at 8, drop a comment if you’re in.
* Actual age open to debate.

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11 Responses to Meat

  1. Art says:

    Suburban pussies.

  2. Kierstan says:

    Tomorrow may be a sad day for carnivore’s world-wide and a joyous day for those lovely animals who can live one more day knowing they will not be consumed by beer chuggin, stick toting neanderthals. Are you going to let this happen?

  3. Thirsty Goalie from NJ says:

    Signing Briere as an unrestricted free agent:
    $52 million
    Aquiring Timmonen and Hartnell from Nashville:
    $62 million & a 1st round pick
    The fact that the Flyers are still the Devils bitch:

  4. Stewie Melissen says:

    save me a seat!

  5. Kierstan says:

    Does that mean in? Making reservations in 30 minutes.
    Lamb chops, lamb chops, lamb chops, lamb chops.
    Meat Wallet.

  6. Stewie Melissen says:


  7. Kierstan says:

    Reservation confirmed for 8pm. Any anyone else send me a text if you’re going to make it.

  8. thor says:

    amazing performance by Yashin. In a room full of meat eaters he stood above.

  9. Dr. Bumba says:

    Did Yashin close the restaurant down for a couple days?

  10. Kierstan says:

    One word to explain Yashin’s performance; surfeit. Good job Yash!

  11. lost brewer says:

    yashin 1. Meat 0. finally broke a tie.

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