Crazy Coot At It Again

Flyers’ Clarke approves Downie’s actions

For Clarke, the rationale for Downie’s actions was totally justified.
“Blake was a guy who had no problem going out and saying (Downie) should be suspended for life or suspended for the year,” he explained, referring to Blake’s reaction last September to the McAmmond incident. “When you say something that stupid, why shouldn’t this kid go after him for it?”

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5 Responses to Crazy Coot At It Again

  1. Dr. Bumba says:

    If you want to blame someone for Blake getting sucker punched, blame the linesman who grabbed Blake and left him in a defenseless position. If you can’t grab both players and secure both of them, get out of there and let them defend themselves.

  2. fiyah says:

    i agree with dr. bumba and bobby clarke.

  3. Jon B says:

    anyone notice that the linesman put a choker move around downies neck instead of simply grabbing his arms. probably pissed downie off even more. Also, downie just rabbit punched him but it hit exactly where it needed to do the most damage. kinda like when booty “tossed” me that beer. hit just the right spot and I still have a mark from it. Thanks Ryan.
    Also remember earlier in the year when richards won a fight but the linesman only wrapped him up and allowed the loser to get a good one in on richards causing a cut and stitches? That pissed me off to. let them go or wrap them both up.

  4. bobblehead joe says:

    my favorite part of the whole thing was when downie had that crazy-eyed smile on his face as he went to the box. he was in total euphoria. btw, ever notice the resemblance between downie and ogie oglethorpe? if he only lost the visor and grew his hair out a little bit…

  5. Jenks says:

    I guess Joe still hasn’t gotten laid yet…..

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