Beer Week


After yesterday’s spirited beer discussion I felt compelled to share this.
Philadelphia is hosting its first ever Beer Week, a salute to America’s best beer city. There will be a ton of events from March 7th to 16th and the schedule is just starting to come together.
Check out their calendar and plan on making at least a couple of events.
Philly Beer Week Calendar

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8 Responses to Beer Week

  1. RR says:

    Who dubbed Philly “america’s best beer drinking city”? That has to be an error.

  2. thor says:

    For quality and diversity I dare you to find a better one.

  3. bobblehead joe says:

    seattle’s pretty good. they had 9 kegs of pyramid on tap at the key arena when i saw the thunderbirds. and with all of the microbrews they have in that area, the prices are kept below $4 a pint for the most part.

  4. RR says:

    For serious? San Diego had really good Labatts

  5. King Duck says:

    Compton b#tches!!!! Eight ball on tap, 40’s of Colt 45. Holla back.

  6. RR says:

    I’ll go

  7. Jenks says:

    The parking lot at WSC is the best beer-drinking acre…. or maybe Jones’ backyard.

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