Zebras on Endangered Species List

It looked like the last place Zebras had found their grove against the Rams last night taking a 2-0 lead in the first period. They tested Ram’s netminder – Kevin if you’ve forgotten – quite a bit till Bake got a shortie early in the second. And it wasn’t the kind you get at Wawa.
The Rams netted 2 more to go up 3-2 before the Zeebs tied it late in the second on a dandy one man effort. Note: there are 5 jockstraps in lost and found. It looked like old times late in the second and early through the third as the Rams penalty box played host to a number of unsatisfied customers. There is no confirmation on whether or not the one ref indeed got “a ride home” from any Zebras.
No worries though as the clock struck 10:15 pm and the Rams put the lights out scoring 4 in the last half of the third. Sorry, MVP, that nice backhand didn’t count.
next up: Sunday 12/9 vs. Continentals at 8:30 pm. we need some redemption on this team.

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3 Responses to Zebras on Endangered Species List

  1. RR says:

    I have the beer duty. 30 pack of ML

  2. #7 says:

    the extra large strap is mine

  3. RR says:

    I think he #5 strap.

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