Pop Quiz

Multiple choice. this should be easy.
If somebody says to you: “I’m gonna shoot it at your face.” You are:
A) Having a bad dream where you are a women in a porn film.
B) Having a nightmare where you are a man in a porn film.
C) A referee talking to the berk bros.
Rams win 4-1. Golin scored 18 seconds in. Kierstan played tidley winks with Captain Crunch to make it 3-1. Bake got a shorty in the 3rd to cap it off. Kevin kept the second period from going the wrong way.

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7 Responses to Pop Quiz

  1. RR says:

    D. None of the above – Heron sitting on the bench with 1 second left on the clock without his helmet.

  2. golin says:

    correction-heron scored 18 secs in cause i was afraid to shoot on a breakaway….

  3. Thirsty Goalie says:

    Since I give him crap about it, we should also note that Colin did not take any penalties.

  4. Not me says:

    Yes, RR is right. Although Phil didn’t crank it into the bench on purpose, not having his helmet on was stupid. Remember, this is men’s league.

  5. ai says:

    we talkin’ men’s league? dag
    Phil’s good at crankin it.

  6. only good penalties says:

    ‘nuf said in the name

  7. scoop says:

    good correction. heron did score. in fact, it was a meaningful point in the game, too.

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