Pens Let Recchi Go

The Recchin’ Ball
Mark Recchi may have been cut by the Penguins yesterday but it figures his career (and what a career it’s been) isn’t over yet.

Regardless of what happens with this latest mess, I don’t think he’s going to fade away, sail into the sunset a la Brett Hull and quit midseason. For one, I highly doubt Recchi thinks he’s anywhere near done. A lot of what’s gone on with the Penguins has to do with his rocky relationship with coach Michel Therrien, someone who has a history of difficult dealings with players at this level.

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3 Responses to Pens Let Recchi Go

  1. wannabe GM says:

    can we get him for the rams?

  2. who do you think says:

    I’d rather have ms. spin cycle.

  3. dk says:

    dunno. he’d have to get his usa hockey stuff in asap …

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