Flyers Extend Middle Finger To NHL; Recall Downie

Downie Recalled

How great is this? The Flyers are down a player with the suspension to Riley Cote so they call up Steve Downie.
“We’re going on a two-game road trip. We’re down a player due to a suspension (Riley Cote), so we wanted to take an extra player on this road trip,” said Holmgren. “Steve has played very well for the Phantoms of late and was the best guy at this point in time to call up.

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5 Responses to Flyers Extend Middle Finger To NHL; Recall Downie

  1. shoup says:

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  2. Art says:

    Shoup, they’re all intermediates, for kids.

  3. shoup says:

    I shoot like an intermediate.

  4. Thirsty Goalie says:

    Rams extend middle finger to Wintersport, continue to play Colin Baker.

  5. Al Gore says:

    Best comment in the history of the internet

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