Hall Of Fame For Lindros?

Is Lindros a Hall of Famer?

By the time Eric Lindros and Bob Clarke parted ways in Philadelphia, they were like oil and water.
And that remains the case today. But despite the bad blood, Clarke says it’s a no-brainer that the Big E should be in the Hockey Hall of Fame.

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3 Responses to Hall Of Fame For Lindros?

  1. fiyah says:

    never won the cup. He was good for about 6 years. Plenty of other guys that deserve it before him. Maybe someday, but he has to wait in line like Richie Ashburn…..and no hate on Whitey….he’s like my grandpa. I think Primeau should be in the Hall of Fame before him.

  2. Jon B says:

    Yes. He was the best player in the league for a few years (95-97?). In my opinion, if you are ever the best at a sport in any single year you deserve to be in. Considering Orr, Gretzky, and lemieux’s long tenures filling that spot of “best in the sport”, there are probably not that many players that have ever filled that role.
    also, points per game is incredibly high (was among top four all time before Stevens hit (believe it was only Lemieux, Gratzky, Dione ahead of him). Case closed.
    Remember how sweet it was to watch him every game?

  3. RR says:

    absolutly, guy was great to watch, especially early in his career when he would hit anything that moved. I don’t think the Stevens hit was his end, but when he hurt his knee in his thrid season, and was afraid to hit. He also fought everyone.
    Can’t blame him for over-expectations, keep Howard Eskin out.

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