Rams Win Opener

It was the Rams defeating the Continentals 4-3. Details will be filled in with the comments.

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20 Responses to Rams Win Opener

  1. Dr. Bumba says:

    Melodybrook’s website says that there 07/08 opening has been delayed, has anyone called the rink for details?

  2. Conybear says:

    I spoke with Tom (the owner) and he’s not opening this year, or most likely ever again. The cooling system went down last Spring and he’s decided to not fix.
    Most rinks have either no ice available or real bas times like Saturday nights at 11 PM. So if anyone can come up with a good slot somewhere grab it.

  3. Thirsty Goalie says:

    What rinks have you checked with so far Jeff?
    As for the game, Bernie had a triumphant return and was the first star of the game with 2 big goals. Heron skated though most of the 27 players the Continentals brought for the 3rd goal and Amos had a slapper for the eventual game winner.
    Bill Mel showed up long enough to walk into the locker room mid-way through the 1st period, only to walk back out and not be seen again.
    Colin took the early lead in penalty minutes but I’m a close second.

  4. Conybear says:

    Old York Rd, Faceoff, Hatfield, and Winterpit

  5. Thirsty Goalie says:

    It’s not a permanent solution but Wintersport is showing some good ice times for Halloween night.

  6. dk says:

    nice job, boys. bern, put that star on your helmet.

  7. Bad Load Goat says:

    Sorry about that lads. When i saw we had a full bench i did not have enough energy to put on my equipment. Wood duck open beat me up followed by early work day. I would have puked on the bench.
    Good win boys

  8. kratz says:

    amos pissed off one of their forwards attempting to split the defense by laughing at him after thirsty goalie picked up the dribbler. “what’re you laughin at?” “when I see something funny I laugh at it…” Then the ref yelled at amos for a wise crack that actually came from thirsty goalie. a pretty funny scene

  9. golin says:

    conybear, give the univ. of penn class of 23 rink a try…

  10. Conybear says:

    Good idea. I’ll give them a call tomorrow.

  11. any takers says:

    How about 6 or 6:30am on Tuesday at wiss?

  12. dk says:

    who brought beer?
    art i’ll get a roster list to you. can you fix a list to the schedule?

  13. Art says:

    Will do Deaner.
    Also if you’ve brought beer already, let me know and I’ll skip you the first time around.

  14. Art says:

    Penn Rink Contact: Bryan Isola @ the Penn Rink. Might want to drop Corey’s name. He’s helping out coaching the Penn learn to play team.

  15. Goat says:

    I have 10 IN for Tuesday mornings so far. Keep it comming and i will have case for our group. Please e mail others that are not on the e-mails that i sent out please.

  16. fiyah says:

    bill i’m in for the tuesday morning breakfast club.

  17. Thirsty Goalie says:

    Art, I brought beer for the practice game and Snappy brought it this past weekend.

  18. golin says:

    i could make that goat since i now work 5 mins away

  19. What time is it? says:

    I will find out next wednesday after the board meeting if we get the slot or not. Screwdrivers and bloodymarys served after every skate for a small fee.

  20. Conybear says:

    Bryan at Penn’s rink says:
    “Weekday evenings are booked until 12:15am at this time. We do have 11:30 on Friday evenings and Sat tend to be around 10pm. Let me know if any of these would interest you. I can probably discount any of these slots as they are later times.”
    Bryan Isola
    General Manager
    Class of 1923 Arena

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