Jones Gets Two


NHL suspends Flyers’ Jones for two games

“While it is my determination that Jones did not intend to injure his opponent, he did deliver a hard check to a player who was in a vulnerable position,” said NHL Senior Executive Vice President of Hockey Operations Colin Campbell. “There have been suggestions by some that this hit was comparable to incidents earlier this season where players received significant game suspensions for blows to the head. These comparisons and suggestions are wrong,” Campbell added.

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5 Responses to Jones Gets Two

  1. Jonesy says:

    that’s bs

  2. RR says:

    Suspend Bergeron for turning his back at the last second

  3. Dr. Bumba says:

    Alright, who is impersonating me, although I do agree. Why wasn’t Volchenkov suspended for the same hit a couple weeks ago?

  4. Jonesy says:

    me, Randy Jones

  5. Jonesy says:

    me, Keith Jones

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