Geek Alert

Wintersport via Google Street View
Google just launched their Street View application for Philadelphia. It’s wicked cool for your inner map geek.

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4 Responses to Geek Alert

  1. Kierstan says:

    This is amazing (and bored at work). I typed in my address and there is a picture of my truck in front of my house.

  2. pep boys says:

    are the tires still on?

  3. Tripod says:

    All four wheels were in place… Manny, Moe and Jack had not laid their greasy paws upon the ill-fated chariot.

  4. RR says:

    I found my old house in Pittsburgh, where we had the only patch of grass in the neighborhood and used to drive golf balls into the ghetto at 3AM.
    Also, we should all chip in and buy melodybrook.

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