Beef & Beer

Beef and Beer is set for Sat, November 24th (Sat after Thanksgiving)
We are anticipating 150+ People for a profit of over $1000 per team!
We need Penguin + Ram volunteers for the following duties:


  • Beer (4 kegs w/ taps)
  • Beef (60lbs)
  • Sausage (20- 30 lbs)
  • Salad
  • Rolls (100 kaiser, 100 12″ hoagie) / Tomato Pie (3)
  • Soft Pretzels (50)
  • Chips & Dip / ketchup & mustard / horseradish
  • Paper Products (200 plates/ 200 cups / forks, knives for 150+ /napkins)
  • Cheese (10 lbs American 10 lbs Prov)
  • Baked Ziti
  • Soda (2 cases) / Water 2 Cases)


Jon Buehler / Bill Melissen

The Wissahickon Skating Club

215-247-1759 ext 16

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23 Responses to Beef & Beer

  1. KevMc says:

    I got the ziti.

  2. Kierstan says:

    Soda/Water – Check

  3. Jon B says:

    Remember to keep any receipts so we can refund everyone at the event.

  4. dk says:

    i can get paper products (someone else can do beef this year)

  5. fiyah says:

    Dean, you just practice on your figure skating routine. People were dissapointed last year.

  6. Thirsty Goalie says:

    2 Problems that I see:
    #1 Novemeber 25th is a Sunday
    #2 The Rams have a game on Sat Nov 24th.

  7. RR says:

    concerns? watch this
    [Removed by thought police]

  8. dk says:

    working on rescheduling the game

  9. Townsend says:

    It is a B league game, it does not count, skip it.

  10. Jon B says:

    This is what we have so far:
    ziti -Kevin Mac
    Water /Soda -Kierstan
    Pretzels -Thompkins
    Paper Products -Dean
    Still need the tough stuff:
    Beer -Hockey Bob is working on getting a free yards keg (woudl still need 3 more kegs )
    Beef -I will cook it here at WSC , someone just needs to drop it off the morning of the 24th
    Rolls- Sams Italian Market in willow grove is the best place to get this qty of rolls
    Sausage -a COSTCO or Sams CLub would be the best (again, I can cook them here if needed)
    Easy stuff:
    Chips and dip
    Jon B

  11. Jenks says:

    Rolls & tomato pies

  12. Jon B says:

    Scott Emerson gots the cheese.
    Jenkins has the rolls
    That leaves:
    chips & dip
    sausage (or meatballs)
    Remember, we wil refund everyone that night. hold onto your receipts.

  13. Goat got beer says:

    I’ll get the beer.

  14. Jim B says:

    I’ll get chips and dip

  15. bern says:

    i’ll get the sausage and meatballs.

  16. HB says:

    Philadelphia Brewery will not have beer in time for the party no free Kegs.

  17. Jon B says:

    Just need a beef purchaser and a salad man.

  18. Kierstan says:

    Did I overlook this:
    What is the start/end time (end is a dumb question, this I know)?
    what is the cost?

  19. beef and beer says:

    $20 Bucks for players and non players. What every you bring will be reimbersed. All Players need to bring $20 to next game for deposits.
    Start and end time will be determined next week.

  20. dk says:

    i can pick up some sausage, too. going to costco for the plates. how much?

  21. dk says:

    RAMS PLAY 11/24 AT 2:00 PM. BEST I COULD DO!

  22. Kierstan says:

    My company, KRA Corporation, just donated 5 cases of water… Do we need more? Let me know ASAP.

  23. Jenks says:

    Wooder?…we talking ’bout wooder?….Dis a Beef n’ Beer and we talkin’ bout wooder. What kind a cracker shit is this? They best be throwin’ some cases of Old English or Micky’s at us.

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