Isles Rangers Renew Bad Blood

Isles’ Simon, Rangers’ Hollweg spark preseason brawls

In the first meeting between the New York heavyweights since the Islanders’ Simon received a 25-game suspension for a stick-swinging attack against his Rangers counterpart on March 8, the teams engaged in a fight-filled preseason game Monday night that had all the venom of a contest that counts.
“When I talked to [Mike] Sillinger, I asked if there would be any overflow from last season,” new Islanders captain Bill Guerin said. “He said that it was over. He was kind of wrong.”

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3 Responses to Isles Rangers Renew Bad Blood

  1. shoup says:

    How was the pre-season clash against the Bandits?

  2. goat says:

    We could have used Bumba in the stands.

  3. bobblehead joe says:

    im listening to the flyers game right now and it sounds like it’s about to get out of hand too.
    anybody in any fantasy leagues this year? i have one with a bunch of guys i play roller with and we have open spots left.
    league number: 53977
    password: diques1
    you’re all welcome to join although you’ll be disappointed to find that i didn’t name the league “i’ll fight ya!”

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