Downie Making Waves

McAmmond injured in Senators win

There’s no telling what Steve Downie did to his chances of making the Philadelphia Flyers on Tuesday night, but it’s a certainty that he won no friends on the Ottawa Senators.
The 20-year-old prospect knocked Senators centre Dean McAmmond out of the game with a concussion following a vicious second-period hit that sparked a melee and led to the Ottawa veteran being wheeled from the Scotiabank Place ice on a stretcher.
“It was a cheap shot. There’s no part in the game for hits like that,” said Senators right-winger Brian McGrattan, who was ejected from the Senators’ 4-2 exhibition victory after he sought justice on the offending Downie. “A guy can’t defend himself and you take a 40-foot run and jump and hit him. Hopefully the league takes a look at it. Those are the hits we don’t want in our game.
“You don’t want to see stuff like that. We’re not out there to kill each other.”
McGrattan later went on to issue a warning.
“He’ll get what’s coming to him,” said McGrattan. “He’ll do it to the wrong guy and somebody will put him out of hockey. You do that at his level a couple of times, guys in junior won’t do it, but guys at this level will.
“He’ll get what’s coming to him next time we play him, that’s for sure.”

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5 Responses to Downie Making Waves

  1. Dr. Bumba says:

    Keep your head up Deaner!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Sensai Krease says:

    Finish Him!

  3. Thirsty Goalie says:

    Where the hell did Clarkie dig up this assclown?

  4. bobblehead joe says:

    “His funeral will not be televised in Chicago, as the late Mr. Wirtz considered it unfair to potential “home” mourners.”

  5. Thor says:

    Downie’s father died in a car accident when Downie was only seven years old while driving to a hockey practice.
    This guy might be the next Theo Fleury. And I mean that in both a positive and negative way.

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