Rams Season


From the desk of GM Jive Turkey.

The Championship Hangover is wearing off. So let’s do it again.

Are you in?

For now, we’re looking at Wintersport. Same deal as years past – 22 games. We’ll need to be USA Hockey members again ($40) and the league will be around $350. Saturdays, Sundays, Tuesdays, Thursdays … in my mind the best ice times for mens league in the area. although football fans have a hard time.

If guys have leads for sponsorships, work on it. we could use the loot. Who wants to be in charge of sponsorships? Arty? Bernie? Golin? a Three-headed monster?

We’ll have the beef-n-beer, too, I imagine.

If Wintersport is turd for any reason (i.e. not enough teams) we’ll move elsewhere. Skatezone Northeast has an A-league, and Icezone in Hatfield does. otherwise, it’s getting a slot and inviting teams.

Tim Joyce is moving and it looks like Aldo is retiring. Although I’m not believing it. If he moves up to forward, the Z might take over. And Arty is on the DL. Bernie is skating some, but I’m not sure of a full return date (although team docs think it will be sooner than later).

New guys in the works are Bake, John, and Kierstan.

If you have any thoughts/concerns/ideas for this season, let me know.

I’m skating Thursday and hopefully Sunday. See you at Wissy.

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34 Responses to Rams Season

  1. Thirsty Goalie says:


  2. RR says:

    In with a double chin

  3. Dr. Bumba says:

    For the 4th Period.

  4. shoup says:

    On the fence. Unless we can secure major sponsorship (ie – everyone skates for free !) I will only be a part timer.
    I’m broke and having a 3rd child … WTF … need to have my brain examined.

  5. fiyah says:

    In with a maxi-pad behind my shin.

  6. Jenks says:

    Shoup….forget the brain exam, what you need to do is pull out!
    It could be worse, at least Eddie or Convey arn’t the ones reproducing.
    I mean…congratulations! One more and you’ll have a pentalty-kill unit

  7. Kierstan says:


  8. G....oat says:

    Goat like to play with rams.

  9. kratz says:

    Z to da 40 BD = R
    really gold watch time Zdaldo? Plenty of decades to go

  10. Dick With Ears says:

    Jenks, pulling out is harder then you think, look at what happened to your mom and dad 30 years ago when Marcus Jenkins was conceived in a drunken, LSD, crack smoking stuper.

  11. Jenks says:

    My mom doesn’t drink!

  12. Page 2 says:

    Heron is a Penguin, GM Kline couldn’t match the offer sheet from A-Train. The offer sheet included: better beer, more beer (because no one shows up), no required warm ups, and the ever so slightly chance that Eddie may open the locker room door.

  13. rams gm says:

    hold on, we’re not sure what eddy is opening the door with …

  14. Mrs. Cleary says:

    It resembles a baby’s arm clutching an apple.

  15. am i reading this correct? says:

    so wait, we traded Heron for Bumba?

  16. nope says:

    bumba is in for the 4th period.
    heron is out because eddy hit him with an apple.

  17. league rep says:

    bandits are in

  18. Heron lover says:

    Where’s my boy going?

  19. Chris Berman says:

    Bandits…he is also renouncing capitalism, embracing communism and practicing Judaism. Meaning when it is his turn to bring beer it will be crappy, he will demand good beer when some one else is buying and he sure-as-shit won’t be paying the $40 to USA hockey to rebuild hotels in Nagano.

  20. Mr. Conybear says:

    Jenkins! Jenkins! Will you get back to work.

  21. RR says:

    Bandits are definitely in and have recruited 3 more new Russians.

  22. Russian lover says:

    75% of the Zebras are in. Hopefully Jofa helmet asshole went with the 25%.

  23. AP says:

    You know the league is desperate when people are excited about the Zebras being in the league.

  24. *another great nickname says:

    Joffa Helmet Asshole. I think everyone knows who that guy is. Perfect.

  25. I don't says:


  26. Weather Center says:

    I hope it’s not me … cuz when i’m done with mexico, i’m coming back east and bringin the pain with high winds and rain.

  27. God says:

    Holy shit! Worst comment ever! You should be banned from this site, life, and within 50ft of a school.

  28. Anonymous says:

    I’m gonna take that comment behind the middle school and get it pegnant.

  29. asses up says:

    everyone gets a shot at dean w/ a tennis ball after sunday hockey.

  30. wounded turkey says:

    no worries. booty hit me square in the franks and beans on thursday night.

  31. frank and no beans says:

    youz got two franks, damn

  32. fiyah says:

    now we just need Shoup to get hit in the nuts.

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