Bye Bye Goal Judges

Out With The Goal Judges, In With The Luxury Seats!

The NHL instituted video replay during the 1991-92 season, and the idea behind it was to help referees to better determine whether a goal had been scored. Now, all these years later the technology has improved to such a point that it has rendered part of the officiating staff obsolete. Say goodbye to the goal judges.

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9 Responses to Bye Bye Goal Judges

  1. Goat says:

    anybody going to the phillies game thursday?

  2. Jenks says:

    Now Dre can get even closer to the goalies

  3. kratz says:

    looks like I’ll be at the game goat

  4. fiyah says:

    i’m going down tonight w/ bro and the “taint brusher.”

  5. Goat says:

    give me a call kratz, i’ll buy the old man a beer.(2158406893)

  6. Black Eyed Rocket says:

    Anyone want to go to Show and Tell after the game?

  7. Thirsty Goalie says:

    Goat, beware because kratz dumped his beer on the last 2 people to buy one for him at a game. It must be a bitch when your reflexes go.

  8. kratz says:

    wow i forgot about that. Sorry Bender for soaking one of your shoes. Goat I think we are tailgating – I’ll give you a call. The guy who has tickets may have a box to crash

  9. denny finder says:

    rumor has it there’s a tall skinny guy with a
    6-pack harassing people at local driving ranges. anybody know him?

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