NHL Schedule Released

The 2007-7008 NHL Schedule Released
The NHL season begins in London where the Stanley Cup champions facing the Los Angeles Kings in a two game season.

  • The Flyers start the season on a west coast swing.
  • The NHL All-Star Game will be held in Atlanta’s Phillips Arena Jan. 27.
  • Hockey Day in Canada,” featuring four games involving the six Canadian teams, will be held Feb. 9 when Detroit visits Toronto, Montreal travels to Ottawa in the Battle of Ontario, Edmonton heads of Calgary in the Battle of Alberta, and Vancouver hosts Colorado.
  • On March 3, Stanley Cup Finalists Ottawa and Anaheim tee it up again at Honda Center.
  • The 2008 Stanley Cup Playoffs will start on Wednesday, April 9.

No word on an outdoor game but the Sabres do host the Penguins on January 1st.

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8 Responses to NHL Schedule Released

  1. bobble head joe says:

    umm… the battle of ontario probably shouldn’t include montreal.
    another important date: nov 15th the flyers play the rangers at home.

  2. Art says:

    To be fair to me, I grabbed those bullets from the press release. Way to go NHL.com.

  3. Anonymous says:

    when does the rams schedule come out?

  4. bettman stinks says:

    How long is it gonna take for the NHL to create an annual outdoor game, is it that hard?

  5. Thirsty Goalie says:

    …probably not until they figure out a way to play outdoor hockey games in the South. Then Bettman will be all over it.

  6. just in says:

    Souray signed with the Oilers.

  7. cml scheduler says:

    rams schedule will come out as soon as jenkins does. also, there’s a check league at wintersport in august. 4 games plus a playoff. i think this includes forechecking, so i know jones is out. any tough guys want in, call ken at the rink.

  8. Jenkins says:


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