This Achilles Has Me In Stitches

06-21-07_0941 (WinCE).jpg

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5 Responses to This Achilles Has Me In Stitches

  1. Anonymous says:

    how did you take the picture?

  2. Art says:

    Just twisted around. This is the stitches coming out, not going in. I was a bit unconscious for that part.

  3. RR says:

    Great advertisement for Asics. “Structurally unsound, but so damn comfy, you’ll still wear the other one!”

  4. Art says:

    I was wearing sandals when I ruptured my Achilles. I probably wouldn’t have if I had been wearing my sweet ass Asics GT 2120â„¢. So don’t be hating.

  5. ad man says:

    rocket, i’m stealing that headline. but not before i toss my sandals in the trash.

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