RSVP For Aldo’s 40th

Aldo’s having a 40th Birthday Bash on Saturday, June 23rd. Pool party and everything.
RSVP by June 16th. Details after the jump.

Aldo’s 40th Birthday Day Bash!
Pool Party
Bring your bathing suits and a sleeping bag everyone welcome to crash overnight plenty of room
R.S.V.P by June 16, 2007
Aldo and Rosa – Telephone: 856-467-4950
Date: Saturday, June 23, 2007
Time: 2:00 p.m.
*Rain Date: Saturday, June 30, 2007*
Time: 2:00 p.m.
4 and 6 Ethan Terrace
Woolwich (Swedesboro), New Jersey 08085
Backyard Party
From Delaware :
I-95 North to 322 East ( CommBarry Br/New Jersey)
Stay left once over bridge and follow 322 East(5 miles)
Merge onto I-295 S outh and follow approx. 1 mile
Take the Centre Sq. Road exit 10—toward Centre Square Road
Make a left at exit traffic light onto Center Square Road/CR-620 S
Follow about 1 mile and you will see the WheatherBy sign on your right, continue on about 200 yards and turn left into the Wheatherby Development– which is Holly Drive
Go around circle and hang right onto Ashburn Way
Follow to your first left which is Ethan Terrace!
– Second and Third house on your left
From Bucks/Chester /Delaware County Via Route 476:
Follow 476 South to the end and merge onto I-95 South, stay in the right lane, go approx. 1 mile to 322 East.
Merge onto US-322 E via exit 4 toward CommBarry Br/New Jersey
Follow directions above from #2 of ’From Delaware:
From Philadelphia-Walt Whitman Bridge:
Take Walt Whitman Bridge and then stay in left lane for approx .5 miles, merge onto 295 South via ramp on the left
Follow I-295 South for approx 16 miles
Take the Center Sq. Road exit 10-toward Swedesboro
Follow directions above from #5 of ’From Delaware:

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14 Responses to RSVP For Aldo’s 40th

  1. RR says:

    How is Art and where are the pics of the injury?

  2. kratz says:

    only 40? a puppy

  3. Thor says:

    I’m alright. No good pics of the injury yet. Just a boring cast.

  4. Kierstan says:

    Hubcap, noun, a removable usually metal object capitalized over the end of an axle; especially : one used on the wheel of a motor vehicle – Also used as a tool to disrupt inebriated pedestrian activity.

  5. fiyah says:

    artie, if you have comcast dig. cable, i highly suggest – under free movies- fearless freaks, great flic about the flaming lips.

  6. fiyah says:

    oh and Z i’ll be there. Probably going solo as the lady has a family graduation party. Z 40th. Hope the stick bag has goggles.

  7. Thirsty Goalie says:

    Bernie, is that the band from the early 90’s that sang the song Tangerine?
    Z…I have the in-laws coming into town this weekend, so I will not be able to make it. Happy birthday and hopefully someone gets you a shinny new stickbag.

  8. Thor says:

    Thirsty Goalie, party is next weekend. Just have to RSVP by this Friday.

  9. Thirsty Goalie says:

    Oh, well that changes eveything.

  10. burnt lips says:

    yep, thirsty, that’s them. saw them at the factory a coupla years ago. their concerts are f’n parties. it was crazy fun with balloons and dancing stuffed animals, the whole works. check youtube. wayne, the lead singer, goes around in a human-sized gerbil ball on top of the crowd.

  11. dk says:

    i’m in for the early swim. leaving for vacation the next day so i can’t stay late.

  12. Jon B says:

    I was at that concert too. They are one of Liz’s favorites and after that show, I really started to like them. One of the better shows I have ever been to (along with Beck at the EF, Radiohead at the Troc, Wilco at the festival peer, The Charlatans at Erving Plaza, and Swervedriver at some small place in NY [Tramps I think?]). Sadly, I haven’t been to a show in at least a year.
    Kev, the song title is “She Don’t use Jelly” but they rhyme vaseline, magizines, and tangerines in the chorus. They changed a lot from their early days into something more adventurous/ experimental but retained the great melodies and lyrics (sometimes). And they are a bit crazy in a silly childish sort of way. I would reccommend either “Yoshimi battles the Pink Robots” or “The Soft Bulletin” as a starting point (my favorites). But I haven’t heard a few of their earlier albums.
    Bernie, do you have the Zaireeka album (4 CD’s at the same time I think)? I want to experience it.

  13. Thirsty Goalie says:

    Downloading them now.

  14. silly in a childish sort of way says:

    most bees make honey… but what bees make milk???
    get it? bwah hah haha

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