NHL Draft Diary

Kudos to Canada and the NHL draft

ESPN.com’s Bill Simmons keeps a live diary of the NHL draft. Lots of laughs.

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4 Responses to NHL Draft Diary

  1. Thirsty Goalie says:

    Who’s playing tomorrow? Monday’s turnout was a little weak.
    Bumba, do you want me to pick you up?

  2. Kev Mc says:

    I’m planning on playing.

  3. Kierstan says:

    Skate I shall. Art, we need some thongs on this site.

  4. still laughing says:

    Pure gold from Bill Simmons:
    4:57: TSN sideline reporter Farhan Lalji interviews Dave Gagner in the stands. Here’s how it kicks off:
    –Farhan: “We’re here with the proud Papa. Dave, you were taken 12th in the draft, your son was taken sixth, who’s better?”
    –Gagner: “Well, that means he’s twice as good, right?”
    (Gagner laughs, the sideline reporter is completely flustered by the ad lib for some reason. Two beats of silence ensue. Finally …)
    –Farhan: “Sounds like it.”
    (Note: There’s a possibility Farjan blacked out there and forgot where he was. I’ll believe anything. By the way, we also learned from Gagner that his son is delighted to go to Edmonton because he really wanted to get picked by a Canadian team. You have to love the NHL draft — it’s the only time people actually hope to go to Edmonton.)

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