Interview With Booty

When you can’t move around you invent little tasks for yourself like, clean out the e-mail inbox. And in doing so I found this great, previously unreleased interview with Booty before the 2006 Memorial Day Tournament.

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4 Responses to Interview With Booty

  1. Anonymous says:

    watch the beginning when booty is drinking a pbr pounder in the back of a pickup truck and extends his pinkie finger when taking a sip. i started laughing when i saw it almost spit beer all over my computer.

  2. kratz says:

    absolutely aawsome. Dean and Art we need to get dvd compilations of the hockey videos over the last couple of years – name your price. I’ll help if i can

  3. dk says:

    kratz, i’ll try to fit it all on one disc. i just need to find some time. maybe a drunk sunday afternoon.

  4. kratz says:

    disk one release summer 07 – need a catchy name and a release party no?

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