Watch This Space For Lagerhead Updates


The Lagerheads are about ready to ship out to Toronto, Canada.

Watch this space for occasional updates and answers to questions like:

  • Will Denny show?
  • Who will be the MVP?
  • Will the Lagerheads improve on their Bronze medal performance in Chicago?
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24 Responses to Watch This Space For Lagerhead Updates

  1. toronto envy says:

    good luck boys, wish i could help you guys get drunk….and play hockey…….denny will not show, berkery will get the mvp (cause jenkins is soft these days) & no bronze medal, gold bitches!!!!!!!! get some

  2. Zanzibar says:

    have fun boys, Denny will not show (april fools.) MVP of the Lagerheads is usually the goalie and I predict the gold b/c they’re all Canadien up there and they suck at hockey. If you see a clad girl in a sixers outfit, tell her i said hello.

  3. just in. says:

    5-1 win for the Lagerheads. 13 hours of drinking yesterday. Snap got hit by a car but he’s just fine.

  4. Thirsty Goalie says:

    Nicely done boys, keep it up!

  5. Leroy says:

    Streaking Lagerheads win the early AM game two 3-1. Berkery, Colin, and a native of London, Ontario with the goals. Game 3 this afternoon.

  6. thegoatsbro says:

    2 Ws nice job

  7. Leroy says:

    Z trick paces Rams to 6 -0 win. Gold Medal game Sunday morning.

  8. Final says:

    Lagerheads win Gold Medal game 2-0.

  9. thegoatsbro says:

    this winning thing seems to be catching on. Congrats Lagerheads.

  10. Thirsty Goalie says:

    What the hell happened? Did you guys stay sober all weekend or something?
    Congrats it’s been a big month for you boys! Now get Burkery and Jenkins back for the Ducks game tomorrow night. It was ugly yesterday without them.

  11. Dr. Bumba says:

    Nice job boys on bringing home the GOLD!!!!

  12. fiyah says:

    I think i’ll do you guys a favor and stick to golf.

  13. dead tired says:

    Highlights from Jive Turkey’s view (in no specific order) …
    Stuffed Monkey fun
    Snap inaugurated as the mayor of toronoto, draws “interference” minor from car
    Aldo gets the Z-trick
    Hot dogs … thursday, friday, saturday
    Gay Goalie celebrates 23rd birthday at Wayne Gretzky’s
    $350 Rosie Palm service
    Jenkin’s diary
    Village Idiots Drunk Bus
    Hockey, Hockey, Hockey
    Hot chicks watching Hockey, Hockey, Hockey
    Valet wrecks van
    Blue Thunder Cheerleader Tryouts
    Gold Medal game reinforcements arrive late in 1st period on way to 2-0 win
    anything else i’m not remembering?

  14. jive turkey says:

    it’s all coming back …
    blackwood drives 10hours to our first game and is only guy on time
    blackwood’s blazer
    molson guy brings case to game 1
    anything else?

  15. the mayor says:

    Player Blog: Day 1
    It was a physical start to the tourney, the full contact lap dances were a good start for us the corner work was outstanding. The guy in silver (or white) was solid and hit hit me kind of low but after some “soda” I was back. Jenks getting a 10 minute misconduct was a bad call but it all worked out.
    Player Blog: Day 2
    Hockey ——–Drink.
    Player Blog: Day 3
    Hockey —Hall of Fame—–Hockey—Drink.
    Player Blog: Day 4
    After the victory the mayor declairs “gold medal blow job day on Monday” manditory for all wives girlfriends and or “life partners” for gay goalie.

  16. Jenks says:


  17. jive turkey says:

    as in … there is some spadina on the championship plaque.

  18. Thor says:

    You know how to blow!
    Straight cap, ball shots.
    Jenkins locked out twice.
    Conn Smythe
    Gay Goalie’s Tiki Bob’s VIP card
    Tour guides
    Graffiti wall at the house party
    Finding another hockey player from Kenzo on the Detroit team.
    Hall of Fame.
    13 hours of drinking, actually I don’t remember much of that.
    Please do not honk my horn (In Indian accent)
    Another Thor one-timer (Why do I even try?)
    Oh and of course the stench in the locker room on Saturday morning.

  19. RR says:


  20. Z... says:


  21. Zenied says:

    The dent in the Van
    The Bus

  22. jive turkey says:

    Hertz didn’t notice the van. believe that? hopefully, this post doesn’t poison the water.

  23. Thirsty Goalie says:

    Did you guys get any pictures of any of the previously stated drunken activity? Especially the aftermath of Snappy getting hit by the car?
    Also, whatever happened to the in-focus team picture for the Rams that Jenkins was going to get us? No wonder he’s on the Wood Ducks.

  24. video guy says:

    there were plenty of pics. if i get them all, i’ll make another video, too.

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