Some Pics From the Bar

Tim makes important periods
Rams at the bar
Z, Carter and the Cup
Thor Balances Cup
Jenkins strikes a pose
Colin gets penalty for holding
A Happy Goat’s Bro

Z w/ da C
Fiyah gets the cup

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10 Responses to Some Pics From the Bar

  1. I. Spy says:

    where are all the comments?
    How about : What is a Christian?

  2. Thirsty Goalie says:

    Who has all the on-ice pictures?

  3. dk says:

    i think nicole took some. we’ll get them from MVP. Jenkins took some too.

  4. strongbo says:

    why is it that bernie is the only one tough enough to use one hand?

  5. thirsty goalie says:

    …because he’s had a lot of free time to strengthen that hand.

  6. goal-in says:

    a sunday championship win by the rams and a warriors win going on at the same time…….magic all around!! how bout it z???

  7. Z... says:

    Great Hockey Night For Z… All Around!
    Z… Now P…h for G…s In W…S…L…
    C.. to Z.. for the G…
    J.. to Z.. for the G…
    D.. to Z.. for the G…
    Anybody else to Z.. for the G…

  8. lent police says:

    Ahh haaa! Jonesy at the bar. I knew he wouldn’t make it till Easter!

  9. Dr. Bumba says:

    I took my 7 days credit, made it 40 days, and then the wagon got in a 10 car pile up.

  10. on ice spectator says:

    10 russian tank pile up!!!!!!!!!

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