Defense win Championships, especially when they score two goals.
Rams win the A-league CML at Wintersport, beating the bandits in the final game 2-1. It was a classic match-up between the team that scored the most goals in the regular season (bandits) and the team that gave up the least (rams).
Goal’in and company came out firing on all cylinders in the first period to set the bandits up for destruction. A pressured but patient forcheck by snap, mvp, and dk made the bandits turn it over to carter at the point – who walked it in and sent an nhl-caliber blast to the left upper 90.
Period two took forever as both teams settled in for the long haul … that is until Amos tucked one in the rigth corner from a nice feed from goal’in on the PP.
The bandits managed one late in the second before they felt the freeze of the rams defense, offense and all non-sense just shutting them down.
P.S. the rams killed a lenghty 2 on 1, not mention a 6 on 4 in the last 1:18.
It was an awesome performace by Kevin in net, who was outstanding all playoffs and season long. Even the refs gave him the game puck. And special thanks to carter and amos for their blasts from the blue line.
Also, the sixth-man award goes to Jones, who got in the russian’s head somewhere between Moscow and Kosovo.
Next game … sometime next september.
Pics to come.

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21 Responses to RAMS WIN, RAMS WIN

  1. RR says:

    Season Recap
    1. first win by forfeit
    2. 2 – 4 start
    3. Chris Golin in game six to GOAL-IN!!!!
    4. Thanks to Dr. Bumba!!!!!

  2. shoup says:

    Great win boys … sorry I missed the celebration!
    Outer Banks doesn’t suck though.

  3. heron says:

    congrats boys!!! like a dog under the porch, i shamefully hid… well played and like i said, i was merely one small part in a well-oiled MACHINE!
    ps. thanks for the voicemail. that one will be saved for awhile!

  4. heron says:

    congrats boys!!! like a dog under the porch, i shamefully hid… well played and like i said all along, i was just merely one small part in a well-oiled MACHINE!
    ps. thanks for the post-game voicemail. that one will be saved for awhile!

  5. KevMc says:

    Way to go Rams!!!

  6. Goat says:

    Thanks for a great season, boys. Win as a team loose as a team. Thanks to Shoup, Heron and Kratz for geeting us there and to a great defense shuting down the “commie” and the rest of the bandits.

  7. dk says:

    i’m still psyched, boys, great game. great season. win as a team, drink as a team.

  8. atrain says:

    Congrats Rams!

  9. Tossed out of Rink says:

    Congratulations Rams.

  10. Z..Moses says:

    Ah, The Sweet Smell Of Victory!
    Great season boys and now we can bask in the glory of being true champions! It’s been along time coming for those of us older Rams players, may God bless you all!
    Hey, Make sure to email Art your pictures so he can post them up on the site!

  11. barnyard says:

    Nice job fellas!

  12. kratz says:

    as one of the old rams I sure enjoyed the video of game two and outstanding work in the championship game! Sorry I missed the games, Bumba getting tossed and the fun fourth and fifth periods. Dean we need CD’s for all this fun history no?

  13. Thor says:

    Great game, series and season. I don’t know about you guys but I’ve been smiling, pumping my fist all day!

  14. Thirsty Goalie says:

    It was a good day.
    Nice job boys!

  15. goal-in says:

    our time boys! i wish we had some footage of bumba ranting…..carter, how’s the cup doing????

  16. RR says:

    the cup is still in one piece, I’ll forward pictures to Art.

  17. Anonymous says:

    word has it that thor was continuing the celebration this afternoon at the phillies opener – doing beers and wearing rams colors…thor is that true?…thor…

  18. Thor says:

    Oh it’s true. Tried to make it through the basketball game too. But OSU sucked so it’s back to basking for me!

  19. champ # 95 says:

    art, did you get props on WOGL yesterday? (the kid loves oldies). I heard the traffic guy say he was with die hard fans, art and friends.

  20. RR says:

    Yes, the lengthy 2-1 was a tough kill.

  21. championship hangover says:

    i need more pictures, i jonsing…..and that dosen’t mean i am yelling at the computer screen……

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