Money In The Bank

Player Coach Dean Kline has said there is some money in the bank. We’re gonna get a keg and re-hash the season. May 6th, Sunday 1:00pm (after the Wiss Skate) Rams & Friends party on Glenside Ave. Wiffleball, Beer, party favors, and Food will be provided.

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5 Responses to Money In The Bank

  1. thegoatsbro says:

    I,ll pitch the home run derby.

  2. fiyah says:

    bumba cheated, the wind was blowin out when he got up last year.

  3. reg dunlap says:

    come to the party and learn the truth about suzanne …

  4. lady's man says:

    dk’s bringing the wife and kid, at least for an hour or so. don’t worry, i’ll stay the whole time.

  5. Goat says:

    I’m bringing my girl from Big Heads.

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