Five Games Tonight, Who Ya Got?

Five big NHL playoff games tonight. Who do you like?

  • Atlanta at New York
  • Ottawa at Pittsburgh
  • Detroit at Calgary
  • Anaheim at Minnesota
  • Vancouver at Dallas
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6 Responses to Five Games Tonight, Who Ya Got?

  1. Thor Says says:

    Give me NYR, Pit, Cal, Anaheim and Dallas (OT of course)

  2. dk says:

    i don’t like the way ottowa manhandled the pens in game 3. look for that to be the OT game tonight.

  3. Kratz says:

    the wetas

  4. Z.. says:

    Z… still going with P… vs D…. for S…C…

  5. KevMc says:

    Does anyone ever understand what the hell Z is talking about???
    I’m going with the Bakers tonight!
    Atlanta is due, the Pens are sunk – F Crosby, Calgary will be tough at home, Ducks sweep – sorry Amos, Dallas in 9 OTs

  6. Lil John with the cup says:

    the Knicks v. the Hawks? Ohhh Kayyyyyyyyyyyyyy! I didn’t know those other cities had basketball teams.

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