We Have A Tie!

Final 2006-07 Statistics
11 goals and 10 assists. or, 10 goals and 11 assists. still, the total is 21 points …. A tie for Dean and Golin! You’d think they were on the same line all year. Nice work, boys. Also, nice work to PIM Leader Colin, who should be able to bill a full hour’s work for his 66 minutes in the sin bin.

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7 Responses to We Have A Tie!

  1. Concerned Goalie says:

    Didn’t you guys say the last goal against the Bandits when Yashin played was an empty netter? That doesn’t count against his G.A.A.

  2. RR says:

    Congrats to Art for getting another assist and beating Kevin.
    Colin averaged 4.4 PIMs a game. Atta boy.
    Heron, for being an “A member”, tied with a D-man for points
    Kevin had the best GAA in the history of men’s league hockey.
    We scored 105 goals last year, 79 this year?
    Tim Joyce === Lady Bung

  3. Art says:

    Kev, last goal against the Bandits wasn’t an empty netter but Yashin was helpless to stop it as Brandt and Val were alone in front of the net.

  4. bern says:

    oh, i need to change Yash’s jersey number too. 31 is retired. Yash # ?

  5. kd says:

    RR, we played a lot more games against B teams last year so I think that explains the discrepancy in goal scoring.

  6. g-wing says:

    a tie works for me, just glad i didn’t lose on an empty netter for a second straight year……monster season boys, lets keep it going. new race: playoff points leader…….and staying out of the penalty box……mmmm, colin, artie….

  7. scottie upshall says:

    hey carter… yes your right i did tie you in points this year, but i’m not all about the individual stats. i’m scottie upshall, i’m a team player. and as far as stats go i think i have you all beat. the rams are 11-0, that’s right undefeated, with me in the lineup… how do you like them apples?

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