Simon’s A Lumberjack And It’s OK

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12 Responses to Simon’s A Lumberjack And It’s OK

  1. Hockey Bob says:

    what was wrong with that. he they were playing limbo… how low can YOU go?

  2. coolerthanyou says:

    Your a dork

  3. Trent Compton says:

    that ain’t nothin, and Ryan Hollweg’s a scumbag anyway.

  4. tibbits says:

    oh just a love tap

  5. joe p says:

    if this happened to sidney crosby, simon would be banned for 2 seasons – maybe life! they gotta get consistent with this stuff and give big time suspensions (remaining games plus one season)for cross-checks to the face. it shouldn’t be based on whether or not hollweg is an asshole or whether or not he’s able to play hockey again – this hit is just as bad as the one on kariya by suter or the mcsorley swing at brashear. there’s no room in the game for it.
    btw, has anyone been able to find the suter hit on kariya anywhere online? i’ve been looking for a while and found nothing.

  6. Townsend says:

    Get rid of the instigator!!!!!!!!!!

  7. HB says:

    I agree,
    I bet he is done for this and next year.
    Definately bad for the sport, chances are this will be the most publicized thing in hockey this year. It might even make it on to the espn espenol channel highlight reel.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Suspended indefinitely

  9. RR says:

    Colin told me it was clean.

  10. Sam Rosen says:

    Simon was overheard saying, “it’s not my fault he can’t skate.”

  11. Z.. says:

    Arthur, Don’t get any ideas, it’s playoff time!

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