Rams Beat Zebras/ Get 2nd In Tiebreaker

Despite A-train’s Sponge-Bob-sticker worthy performance against the Randits in the nightcap, and the rams come-from-behind win against the Zebras in the day game, the Bandits held on to first place thanks to their tie-breaker head-to-head advantage over the Rams. Nonetheless, the Rams enjoyed sending the Zeebs back to the zoo.
After going up 1-0 in the first 15 seconds, the Rams gave up 3 straight only to score 5 unanswered – with a beauty by Golin on the PP and two clutch tallies by MVP. DK iced the win with the empty netter, his second of the night.
Clear your schedule for the playoffs, It’s gonna be a fun ride.
Next up:
Sunday 3/11 at 4:30 vs. Continentals.
Thurs. 3/15 at 9:00 vs. continentals.
If needed, Tues 3/20 at 8:00 vs. Continentals (duh.)
Sun 3/25 at 2:50
Wed. 3/28 at 8:20
if needed Sunday 4/1 at 6:40

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5 Responses to Rams Beat Zebras/ Get 2nd In Tiebreaker

  1. kd says:

    In for all of them!

  2. Goat says:

    Great game boys. In for all also.

  3. kd says:

    I am also in for Red Rocket’s wedding. I was wrong, I’m out of town the week before.

  4. RR says:

    I’m in, hopefully I won’t have any birthday dinners.

  5. kd says:

    For your wedding or the playoffs?

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