Jordin Tootoo One Punch KO

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8 Responses to Jordin Tootoo One Punch KO

  1. joe p says:

    5 games is a joke. this is ridiculous. they have to start setting written guidelines for infractions like these. this should be 25 games, no playoffs. but the simon swing should have had him out til 08/09 according to me. seems like campbell’s going to keep letting this stuff happen until it happens to crosby. i’m sick of this crap, and i’m sick of these shitty announcers that act like it’s part of the game.

  2. jesse jackson says:

    can i get an amen? c’mon people. amen!
    now, how’s fedoruk doing? he got blasted tonight.

  3. Todd Fedoruk says:

    5 games is a joke. Tootoo was just protecting himself, he should have gotten 2 for roughing. He knew he hit a superstar, caught a glimpse of robida charging him, so he turned and swung in one motion. It just happened to catch robida in the chops, tough shit bro.
    Im doing fine, just got my bell rung

  4. RR says:

    Has Joe P. ever played hockey?
    2 minutes for roughing was enough. Anyone getting charged like Tootoo was, would have thrown a punch like that. If Robida nailed him, it would have been fine because he hit Modano. Tootoo just got him first, after Modano Slashed the shit out of him.

  5. fiyah says:

    yeah that guy attempted a mean elbow to Tootoo’s head, he was just defending himself.

  6. Dr. Bumba says:

    I must agree with RR and fiyah.

  7. thirsty goalie says:

    What’s the deal? We don’t get video when the hometown guy gets KO’ed in one punch?

  8. Thor says:

    Seemed to blood thirsty for back to back posts. But since you thirst for it….

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