In-n-Out Cup Edition


It’s game one of the Wintersport A-League Championship, Sunday at 2:50.
Who’s in, who’s out, who needs us to set their wife straight? Will anyone be there to heckle the Russians?

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15 Responses to In-n-Out Cup Edition

  1. Sponge Bob says:


  2. thirsty goalie says:


  3. dk says:

    are you kiddin’ me? i’m already at the rink.

  4. heron says:

    out. will be in lancaster for chicago showcase tryouts…

  5. thegoatsbro says:


  6. snapdragon says:

    in out does it matter?

  7. shoup says:

    in with beer

  8. g says:

    boooooo heron, the RAMS are more important………..

  9. agent powers says:

    does championship sunday make you randy baby?yeah….

  10. fiyah says:

    good look boys, skate your balls off.

  11. KevMc says:

    score / details from yesterday’s final – game 1?

  12. thirsty goalie says:

    The lack of a story and details should give you an idea.
    5-3 Bandits.

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