Golin scores two in regulation; Nicole two in the 4th.

It was a tight scoring affair for the Rams playoff opener vs. the Continentals. The Continentals opened the scoring 10 minutes into period one after dominating most of the first 10 minutes. the Rams gained momentum and puck control and ended the stanza 1-1 on a goal from “PIM leader”, with an assist to Amos. PIM Leader, by the way, was PIM-less tonight. nice work.
The Rams took the lead late in the second on a goal from Golin, who’s looking to claim the playoff scoring title — with no empty nets needed. the Rams put together a string of solid shifts and tight forechecks when Golin, Heron, and Dean completed a three-way play, ending with Golin in front, scoring 5-hole.
The Continentals struck with 6 mins left to tie on the PP, only to be thwarted by Golin’s second tally of the night coming at 1:00 left. Carter blasted a shot off the back boards and Dean shoveled the rebound over to Golin who stuffed it 5-hole, again.
Kevin was solid in net, especially in the last :45 when Amos thought it would be more fun to watch from the sin-bin.
Next up: Continentals, Thursday at 9:00 PM. Game 2.

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14 Responses to Golin scores two in regulation; Nicole two in the 4th.

  1. kd says:

    Nice game boys, especially the defense.

  2. RR says:

    I meant to shoot it wide. More of a pass.

  3. Baaaa says:

    Did you try to pass wide of the net all night.
    Go MONTCO.

  4. Pass all day says:

    I was trying to hit you, but pass to everyone else.

  5. mt airy posse member says:

    watch out for brothers melissen in game 2

  6. Flyers game is boring says:

    Looks like the Pens are staying in Pittsburghhttp://kdka.com/topstories/local_story_071223515.html

  7. Townsend says:


  8. cbear says:

    MELODYBROOK – This Wednesday,14th – last one (for real this time). Yashin & Haligan in net.

  9. Mora says:

    Playoffs? you’re asking about Playoffs? Playoffs?

  10. Thirsty Goalie says:

    Did anyone know that we were playing for the Raymond B. Reinl Cup? Doesn’t quite have the same ring as Lord Stanley.

  11. Happy Goat says:

    Damn, we got a much better play off schedule.

  12. Z... says:

    Z..Moses Quote Of The Day!
    Shall I Bring Z…Broom Along With Z…Stick Bag?

  13. not z ... says:

    i’m not Z, not a natzi … anyway, i’ll speak in full sentences. bandits won game two, 7-1.

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