Is Paul Holmgren A Genius?

Well that remains to be seen. But stay up to date with the moves of a busy trade deadline with the NHL Connect, the official NHL trade tracer.
Looks like Biron is a Flyer!
Conklin to the Sabres
Guerin to San Jose
Laroque to the Pens
Roberts to the Pens
Bertuzzi to Red Wings
Brad May to the Ducks (He’s still around?)
Flames thinking Owen Nolan? Or could the Sabres be in the mix???
Zubrus to Sabres
Yanic Perreault to Maple Leafs
Mattias Norstrom to the Stars
Ryan Smyth to the Islanders! Did he re-sign first?

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7 Responses to Is Paul Holmgren A Genius?

  1. clarke hater since '97 says:

    i like the deals. they got rid of some left over clarke cancer. it’s a 3-year climb to the playoffs kids, so don’t think the cup is coming too soon.

  2. kd says:

    Isn’t Biron an UFA at the end of the season? I still think Nitty is a good goalie (as good as Biron), he just needs some help.

  3. joe p says:

    we just traded our second round pick for a UFA!!?? i hope that’s nashville’s 2nd round pick and not pick #31. biron was complaining about thinking he should be #1 last summer. if the flyers convince him he’s their #1 guy, he’ll stay. he’s already making more than niitymaaki and esche combined, so he better not want more money. except for the shitty glove hand, nitty’s save % is actually slightly better than last year even though the team’s worse. i like all of the recent trades except this one. it’s mediocre at best.

  4. Jon B says:

    it won’t take three years to be good again, but in three years the Flyers should be pretty damn good. they will make the playoffs next year, but it all depends on Pitkanen, Carter, Richards, and Umberger. If they all have bad starts like this year, the flyers will stink again. At the beginning of the year, you can go through the lines and “slot” goals to each player, in other words, if the team is going to score between 240 and 280 goals, you can safely divide about 60% of those goals between the first two lines. Repeat throughout the lineup.
    As far as the Biron trade goes, I have to assume that Holmgren has received some sort of assurance that Biron wil sign here prior to FA. I don’t like the flyers 2nd either and would ahve found another way to get it done (if possible).

  5. RR says:

    Playoffs? Three years? Not with these guys. Umberger is a wuss, and Richards is a really bad Michael Peca.
    How can the Flyers have three goalies and we have a hard time getting 2 for open hockey?

  6. kd says:

    RR, watch how quickly people jump back on the bandwagons with a couple of big name free agent signings this summer.
    Are you playing at Melodybrook tonight?

  7. Jon B says:

    I have recently added Esche to our WSC goalie list. He hasn’t got back to me about the Spring League but I am holding a spot for him (I feel really bad for him).

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