Feel the Bern

The Rams won the game against the Bandits last night 5-3 on an open netter. But in doing so lost Bern till next season, after his achilles tendon was severed by a skate early in the first period. A freak accident, the Bandit blade hit Bern right above his boot and cut him pretty deep. the question still remains “where’s the chunk of flesh?”
Thanks to Tim and the crew, we got him to Abington ER faster than Jonesy can say “yeah, look at d’at bumba clot, man”
Bern goes under the knife today (sunday) about 2:00. Said he’ll check in monday/tuesday.

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21 Responses to Feel the Bern

  1. Goat says:

    Ouch!! I’ll meet u for some beers at the comet this week, bern. Get better for the spring league.

  2. emptynetter says:

    it was a spirited win for fiyah!!!! first place boys……get ur absences out of the way now, playoffs are around the corner….we need to fill in for bernmon’s hustle and grit..get well rudebwai!!!!!!!!

  3. Z.. says:

    I’m hoping for a speedy recovery, I’ll donate some Z..Juice for the healing process if you want test it out, may sound strange but people have successfully used for all types of skin and tissue related injuries. I’d be curious myself to see the results. I’m glad we won the game as I know we all were thinking about you and wanted the victory especially after what had happened.
    About the injury: I’m not sure if Mike Brand’s skate cut you, he was going head first into the boards and kind of bounced off, I think you were on the ground at that point and his skate may have reversed over you back leg as he bounced back, everything happened so quickly it was really hard to tell for sure how it exactly went down.

  4. Z.. says:

    oh and I think I love you!!!

  5. Slept at a Holiday Inn says:

    Bern had sucessful surgury and should be going home from the hospital today. According to the Doc he will be back to 100% and on the ice in 8 months. The Achillies was completely severed.

  6. shoup says:

    Let me know when you guys are meeting for beers at the comet. Get better Bern. The rams will miss the fiyah.

  7. cbear says:

    I hope everything went well with your surgery. I tore my achilles tendon back in ’94 and it was a pretty easy recovery. I was walking without a cast and cruthes in 3 months, spent 2-3 weeks in a solid cast, and around 8 weeks in a walking cast. Haven’t had a problem since.
    Hope this is somewhat encouraging. Good luck and a speedy recovery.

  8. Dr. Bumba says:

    I am sorry to hear about your injury. I am glad to hear the surgery went well and I wish you a speedy recovery.

  9. bert says:

    I’ll reserve the skybox at Pecks Pond for you and your nurse at this weekend’s pond hockey extravaganza if you still wish to attend. All the best to you fella.

  10. kratz says:

    Wow bernie sorry to hear of the injury. I hear beer helps heal the achilles. Get better soon.

  11. KevMc says:

    Sorry Bern…what a bummer! Take it easy and get well.

  12. RR says:

    Sorry about the injury, but glad the surgery went well.

  13. Anonymous says:

    hope you get a hot rehab babe

  14. Renegade says:

    good luck, fiyahmon. get well.

  15. Jon B says:

    Sorry to hear about this. Its amazing that injuries are so rare in the CML. Convey had a similar cut years back but it didn’t gut to the tendon. Freak injury. Hope for a speedy recovery.

  16. sorryihavetourettes says:

    Get better #$Tits!!!…..Balls balls BALLS! Big
    Hairy TITS!@# Bern

  17. nesbitt says:

    hey bern, tough injury, sorry to hear about it, kleb does pay health insurance at league?? take it easy. murse nesbitt

  18. Coneybear's Doctor says:

    Good luck with the recovery. Apparently the only side affect of the recovery is not being able to fight for the puck in the corner. Good Luck.

  19. 4 says:

    thanks for the comments fellas. I’m doing ok, the only thing that sucks is that i ran out of oxys. Pissing in two liters is kind of fun. What’s kind of annoying are the idiotic comments i get from some people i.e. “ya know you should take it easy….you shouldn’t be playing hockey, you’re 32.” Maybe they have a point…but I tell myself that we all know that this could have happened anywhere, like a 5 on 4 with one goalie at fuckin Melodybrooke. I’ve never seen this happen, even in the NHL. I take comfort in the fact that they’ll never get the legend of Zdaldo, Dave Kratzer, or Jerry Quill. Thanks again for the quick help, joyce, heron, and dean. Good luck Rams, and i’ll see you all soon. Z…. i’ll take some of the hockey juice when you get a chance.

  20. goat says:

    32, your in your prime Bern. F those F’in F’ers. Accidents happen. Your more likely to crash and burn in a car accident or get killed in Bush’s war. With Z’s juice and aromatherapy you’ll be back in action in october.

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