Bandits Get Away With One

The Rams put in a full days work Sunday with only 7 guys and a special guest appearance in goal by Yashin. After falling early by 2-0, the Rams fought back on the heels of Turkey’s 3 goals and a last minute effort by Art and Golin to come within 6-5 in, well, the last minute.
Tied in points with the Rams, the Bandits lead the season series 3-2 and should both teams win-out the Bandits will win the tiebreaker. that is, if they both win out. if we can beat the Zebras and the Bandits lose, we’re in first.
see you Sunday at 2:45.
Remember to clear your schedule for the playoffs.

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8 Responses to Bandits Get Away With One

  1. iamapenguinandwesuck says:

    There is a snowballs chance in hell that the Bandits will lose to the Pens….. Better chance the Bin Laden will be found drinking a Budweiser eating a BLT and wearing a yankees t-shirt while jerking off to a picture of Lura Bush in a port-a-potty at a Garth Brooks concert. Be happy with the second seed. I will see you guys at Twining.

  2. Goat says:

    Sorry about the no show. Robbie had a boy, Kieron, on Sunday. Everyone is fine.
    Today is the dead line for discounted spring league. Get your money in. Shop is open after 12, call you credit card #’s in.
    215-247-0525 ex.16 ask for Hoagie

  3. Dr. Bumba says:

    Congrats Rob, glad to hear everyone is doing well.

  4. g-wing says:

    congrats rob, another future ram….now with shoup and deaner’s kids we have a full line in waiting….nice effort last night boys. props to the berkery bros for hanging thru the 6th with me..eventful night, got dre’s car unlocked after about an hour running, got thor to the train station with seconds to spare (i think i heard several say “crazy white boy!” on the platform), kept jonesy & jenks on the wagon (we talkin bout lent!!), miniburgers, pizza………

  5. RR says:

    Congrats Rob!!! Are you aiming for 14 kids too?
    You guys can also call me with your credit card numbers and I’ll buy you (or me) some nice stuff.

  6. bern says:

    congrats goats-bro, way to go!

  7. thegoatsbro says:

    Thanks boys hope to be at the next game.

  8. shoup says:

    Congrats Rob. Hope everyone is well. Sleep much?

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