Rams Vs. Zebras: A Short(ened) Story

There it was, a small light contrasting the black sky like jive turkey on a Germantown sidewalk. And there, next to that light was the determined Kyle. Sitting in the offices of Yashin BackHair Pad Co., Kyle was sad-faced. For if his friend Amos had only worn the #3 SoulSweater Supreme, he wouldn’t be nursing a possibly fractured scapula today. And the game wouldn’t have been cut short following the rubarb that ensued after Amos was cross-checked into the boards by #13. And the rams could have won 10-3 instead of 5 to 3. But, “hey”, Kyle said aloud. “Maybe I can sell a whole bunch of my Hairback Pads to the Rams now. And Bernfire can embroider them with real backhair stitching.” Not all is lost. Well, the Zebras lost again, and that’s always good.
#3 SoulSweater Supreme

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11 Responses to Rams Vs. Zebras: A Short(ened) Story

  1. Dr. Thor says:

    Pinched nerve and a slight concussion for Amos. Says he’ll be fine in a week.

  2. kd says:

    That’s not the diagnosis we got from Denny

  3. shoup says:

    Good 4th.

  4. goat says:

    I got a concussion from the 4th.

  5. RR says:

    Will Mr. Bunyan re-new his fond feelings for our friend #13?
    The Zebras still suck with all those “ringers”.

  6. bubble breakfast says:

    i got a concussion in the 4th too Bill, and a colapsed lung in the 5th.

  7. Thor says:

    I suffered some tingling sensations in the fourth and a groin pull in the 5th.
    I’ll post the pics tonight. But as a teaser I’ll say, we have the first month of our Rams calendar shot.

  8. inFLUenzed winger says:

    nice boys, #13 now has an even bigger target on his head…….f’er. wish i could’ve been there. so much for the ironman streak………by the way is it my one week virus or does that distinguished gentleman in that picture look like a certain dr. friend of ours…..

  9. shoup says:

    just now recovered from 4th & 5th

  10. Buzzsaw Bunyan says:

    #13 is a f’in dead man

  11. Still waiting says:

    Hey Art, where are the rest of the pics?

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