Flyers Rush

It wasn’t very long ago that the Flyers heavily discounting tickets was something you’d never dream possible.
Basement dwelling Flyers offer bargain-basement tix

The struggling Philadelphia Flyers unveiled a new promotion Monday, called “Flyers Rush,” aimed at college students.
Under the program, college students can buy mezzanine level seats to any weeknight home game for $25. The face value for such tickets is typically $42, $47 or $58.

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2 Responses to Flyers Rush

  1. guin's guy says:

    pgh had this in the early 90’s. best seat in the house, any seat that was open, was only $15 one hour before game time. it was awesome, in fact i kept my id for 3 years after college just to cash in. the a-level seat tasted even better with smuggled in IC LIGHT!

  2. Thornton Melon says:

    Good thing my college ID is still current!

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