Colin Finds True Love At AVN Show

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6 Responses to Colin Finds True Love At AVN Show

  1. Ms. Eddie says:

    cmon, i’m a good looking woman, right?

  2. AVN Attendee #3784 says:

    You should have seen her friend Yolanda. She ate 4 cheeseburgers in record time.

  3. wiss 2 night says:

    dk’s heading to wissy for the 9:15 skate

  4. kd says:

    I had planned on going but Murphy’s plays tonight and needs and extra skater, so I’m bailing on Wiss.

  5. snapdragon says:

    That looks like the girl from the penns port pub! She was up next!

  6. Beer Bitch says:

    If she’s coming I’ll never be able to afford the amount of beer I’d need to mount that!!!

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