Can A Jersey Make You Better?

New NHL uniforms promise better play

The NHL is launching its biggest uniform makeover in decades.
The league Monday will unveil sleeker, lighter, more durable hockey uniforms from Reebok that will enable players to skate faster with greater range of motion, while staying drier and cooler on the ice, says Brian Jennings, the NHL’s executive vice president of consumer products marketing.
Hockey fans will get their first look at the new “Rbk Edge” uniforms from official outfitter Reebok during Versus’ live coverage of the 2007 All-Star Game on Jan. 24. All 30 NHL teams switch to the new uniforms for the 2007-08 season.

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8 Responses to Can A Jersey Make You Better?

  1. Jon B says:


  2. kd says:

    The design of the all star jersey sucks but otherwise the cut and fit looks pretty much the same to me, maybe a little tighter. Plus, Reebok promises skaters will be 8% faster :<)

  3. Art says:

    I’ll give you that the primarily white gloves are a bit gay. But for all-star jerseys these are alright. And as for the cut of the jerseys, they seem just fine. Looks like Monday we will see next years jerseys for all teams. Sounds like there will be some changes. I’m expecting Dallas and Vancouver to change. And there are rumors of a tweak to the Toronto logo.

  4. Dr. Bumba says:

    8% faster, Hoagie, get these for the Spring League.

  5. kd says:

    …and then we can add the weight back on that we lose from the jerseys by drinking more!

  6. fiyah says:

    8% less backchecking, the new improved WSL.

  7. drunk says:

    yep, 4% more beer, 2% more wine, and 2% more Blue Carteritas

  8. joe p says:

    if i remember correctly, the long pants got axed back in the 80s because, while they were lighter and sleaker, they were also more slippery – leading to more injuries from guys sliding into the boards at full speed.
    seeing that history tends to repeat itself, i bet the nhl and rbk didn’t even think about that.
    so how many man-games will the flyers lose next year? place your bets

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