A Win-Win Situation

Rams win 6-2, Eagles win 23-20. All is well. Although it could be even better if Thor figured out how to use his camera during the 4th period.
2 goals by Heron.
Goal’in had another with two assists.
Amos popped one in to give Kev an assist
Colin scored on a breakaway, and I think their goalie is still reeling
And MVP strutted his stuff with a goal
Not sure how else it broke down but put your points in the comments. speaking of breaking down, Snap sent the Zeebs goalie to the hardware store to buy a new gasket. seems he blew his after getting a little snow in the face.
Next game Sunday at 9:00.

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6 Responses to A Win-Win Situation

  1. shoup says:

    Nice win Rams. Look forward to getting back in the lineup next Sunday.

  2. tattoed by carter says:

    1 goal, 2 assists………8 pints, 3 slices, 2 swollen eyes (i.e. bartender) and 1 swollen calf muscle……quite the day

  3. Thor says:

    0g 0a 0p 4pim 3 slices, chicken finger, lost count of the pints.

  4. Tattoo Artist says:

    my eyes are still moving slowly, thought you were going the other way. That shot would have been a goal, but it was “Gol-out” instead.

  5. not quite a shutout says:

    1 assist to Amos. 23 saves on the first 23 shots (approximately). 0 saves on the last 2. 4 Labatt cans, 2 pints and 2 slices.

  6. PIM Leader says:

    1 Goal and 1 Assist and 0 yes 0 penalties

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