R … B … P … 2-1 on G by Z

‘Nuff said. other than Hockey Bob-Laden’s melt down and Kevin’s Stonewall Jackson on Carmen. Oh, and goals by Jones (of course) for the Pens and Heron for the Rams.
And a healthy 4th P by A
Z you at the next game sunday the 7th.
New Year’s Eve skate 2:15 on Sunday at Wiss.

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8 Responses to R … B … P … 2-1 on G by Z

  1. Dr. Bumba says:

    Nice game last night, Rams and Pens, WAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH…..

  2. RR says:

    WTF HB?
    That was a fun game. Men’s league, 2-1, with a brawl at the end. Sweeeeeeeet.

  3. turkey says:

    after missing an easy backhander last night, i’ve begun working out on the ice. here’s the first installement of my new regimine.
    and here’s me in my usual stickhandling drill. please, admire my sweats.

  4. Zfiyah says:

    UJ’s after H for the E-A-G, eat some W, drink some B on NYE. Goat on the JB allday!

  5. Z... says:

    And Z..MOSES brought forth onto his flock of Rams the Canadian Holy Spirits along with Z… Spirit of Victory by slamming home the G.W.G! And It shall be written in the Rams scrolls –
    “Let No Man Go Home Thirsty Tonight”
    Probverbs 2006AD

  6. Art says:

    Is Bender bartending Sunday? If so we should hit up Fatty’s.

  7. Bleed and Pee Green says:

    We have to hurry up after hockey boys, I don’t want to miss a minute of the Eagles game.

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